Smart Remote Control Training Supplies Pet Dog Trainer Automatic Bark Collar

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  • AUTOMATIC ANTI-BARK MODE: Bring peace and quiet back to your life by stopping problem barking. Engage anti-bark mode and a correction stimulus is given when your pet begins barking to train away the behavior.


  • 3 ADJUSTABLE CORRECTION MODES: Choose between a static shock, a vibration, and a beep with a level from 1-99 for the best results tailored to your situation, also can lock shock mode if you need.


  • RUGGED DESIGN WITH LONG RANGE: The Waterproof collar is made of TPU to handle long term use with an easy-to use adjustable fit. The remote is functional at up to 2600ft away.


  • MULTI-COLLAR SUPPORT: With 3 channels available, one remote can be used to train 3 separate dogs.


  • QUICK RECHARGE COLLAR AND REMOTE: Never worry about purchasing new batteries. Both the collar and remote can be quickly recharged in as fast as 2 hours using a Micro-USB connector.

How to Use Anti Bark Mode

Firstly, You need to paired the collar with remote successful , and then change the Channel to A position to use Anti Bark Mode. And Beep Anti Bark Mode shows in the screen.


1-Set the Intensity Level

Press Intensity Dial for adjusting status, clockwise + intensity or counterclockwise - intensity for the shock (work at the 3rd time only). after that, press intensity dial once quit and save the set.


2-Set the Sensitivity Level

Press S Button to set sensitivity level. when you hear a long beep from the collar, That means you set to the level 5, level 5 is the highest sensitive and very easy to trigger work.


3-Touch the dog's neck skin

Make sure both of the contact points touch the dog's neck skin. If not, the Anti Bark Mode will not work when the dog barking


4-Testing Anti Bark Mode work

Put the collar under your throat.

Make sure both of the contact points are touch your neck skin.

A loud saying ''WU WU WU ''

DO NOT scratching the collar, it is wrong testing way.


Back to Remote Training Mode

Change the toggle switch to R Position, it is back to Remote Training Mode.

Package Included:

1 X  Remote

1 X Training Collar

1 X TPU Collar

1 X USB Cable

1 X Test Light

1 X Manual



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