Bitter Cherry Taste Anti-Lick & Chew Deterrent Spray

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Bitter Cherry is a safe, alcohol-free taste deterrent formula developed by a veterinarian to discourage chewing and licking at skin, hot spots, bandages or stitches. Also excellent for new puppy training and to discourage licking, chewing and biting of furniture, shoes, drapes, rugs, plants and wood. Will not sting or stain. For dogs and cats.

  • 1. Vet's Best Bitter Cherry Spray For Dogs (7.5 fl oz -221 ml) is an Anti-Lick & Anti-chew dog spray.
    2. This No-Chew dog deterrent that discourages chewing on household items and licking at itchy skin, stitches, or bandages.
    3. Bitter Cherry Spray is Clear, Non-staining and Alcohol-free. So, Bitter Cherry Spray is safe to spray directly on to your dog's skin.
    4. Vet's Best Bitter Cherry Spray uses natural key ingredients of lemon extract and grape seed extract to deter chewing, with a natural cherry flavor so it smells great.
    5. Bitter Cherry Spray can be reapplied to dog's skin as needed.
    6. Vet's Best Bitter Cherry Spray is not for use with cats.

    Vet’s Best, Nature's Health Care is committed to using premium quality and effective plant-based ingredients - nature's most powerful source of safe and fast acting remedies,
    scientifically formulated to ensure your pet’s overall well-being.
    Vet formulated for over 35 years.
    Products are naturally derived, so no to worry about harsh chemicals.
    Vet's Best has pet-friendly wellness solutions, supplements and shampoos to dental and ear care.

    Propriety Bittering Agents in a Deionized Water Base
    Grape seed Extract
    Lemon Extract
    Natural Bitter Cherry Flavor.

    1. Spray directly onto skin, coat, bandages, or items where unwanted chewing, biting or licking might occur.
    2. With items such as furniture, toys, shoes or other that you want to discourage chewing, licking or biting, prior to use test in an inconspicuous area to confirm no discoloration.
    3. Repeat as needed for all use types.
    4. Reapply after washing the liquid off.

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