Ultra Complete Hip & Joint Support for Cats & Dogs

Reduces Joint Pain † | Rebuilds Connective Tissue† | Anti-Inflammatory

When it comes to your dog's joint support, it probably doesn't get much better than this. Ultra Complete Soft Chews support healthy joint function and inflammatory response, as well as healthy cartilage metabolism and flexibility to help your dog stay active and healthy as they age. These supplements contain glucosamine, multivitamins, minerals & fish oil for healthy joints.

  • Daily Administration

  • Tasty Cheese Flavor

  • For Dogs & Cats

  • Vet Recommended

  • Made & Shipped in US

  • Join thousands of other dog owners who have transformed their dog's lives with our Advanced Hip & Joint Soft Chews

  • Our Powerful blend of ingredients help cushion joints and promote cartilage to re-build and alleviate discomfort to make your pup active again

  • Our soft chews have a cheese flavor that your pup will LOVE -they will be begging for more!

  • Used and sold by thousands of veterinarians nationwide

  • Our supplements contain glucosamine, multivitamins, minerals & fish oil for healthy joints. 

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  • No Limping

  • No Stiff Joints

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lisa Swartz
Dany is a new girl!

Dany’s my 95 (ish) 😜 pound English Lab and she’s started having some rear hip stiffness. I’ve used a great canine chiropractor for her but treatments weren’t enough. RX anti-inflamms weren’t helping & I worried about organ damage long term. This supplement chew has been a miracle! After about 10 days Dany was moving freer, happier, and could even return to her daily walks with Dusty & Buffy! My picky girl LOVES these chews and that makes this Lab Mama happy. Thanks Bark & Beyond 😘😘😘

Jean Wolff
So tasty!

I love my new Joint Support chews. They taste so good that I can’t believe they’re good for me!

Kathy Allen
Best Joint SupplEver!

Best joint supplement I've ever used! Cooper was born with severe arthritis & elbow dysplasia. He's only 3 and before we started the supplements he wouldn't run & play much. He seemed depressed & always hurting. Within 2 weeks of taking these he started running, jumping & doing zoomies and I'd not seen this for a long long time. I even noticed inflammation was reduced in his joints. He was so much happier too. This made me happy seeing him running, playing &
Having a good time!

Judy Stevens
Advanced Hip and Joint Support

Kate loves her daily 2 mile walk. She will be turning 11 in December, and we have noticed that she is slowing down, and having some difficulty getting up, showing stiffness in her hips and joints.
This supplement is helping her to trot along with us, keeping her happy and young at heart.

Tina McKeever
I Trust this One

Although our senior pup Jordy recently passed away, this supplement was the only pill she would take. She just completely stopped taking all of her meds no matter how I tried to give them to her. This supplement she would eat just like a treat. Despite all of her ailments I know this supplement helped her stay mobile and her hips feel better longer than she would have without.

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