Ecokind Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chew

Grade A Quality, 100% Natural, Healthy & Safe

✓PERFECT TO KEEP YOUR DOG BUSY AND ENJOYING - These chew sticks are healthy, delicious premium organic chews that keeps your dog busy enjoying the sticks. They are made out of totally natural material hence they are easily digestible. They are best alternative to any other similar pet chews....And a GREAT value! The more you purchase, the more you save!

✓NATURAL INGREDIENTS –The chew sticks' source is Nepal; they are made in and imported directly from Nepal. The chew sticks are made from 100% from Yak milk with no artificial ingredients and chemicals, as well as they do not contain any preservatives. The sticks are absolutely free from gluten and lactose making them very gentle on sensitive stomachs.

✓EXCLUSIVE CHEWS FROM ANCIENT RECIPE - These are ‘A’ grade Yak chews sourced from the Himalayas that sink into dogs teeth. This is ancient tried and tested recipe from the mountains of Nepal. These are totally natural and very nutritious dog chews made from yak's and cow's milk. Milk is processed to remove Lactose and make the chews easily digestible and very gentle for sensitive stomachs.

✓STICK SIZE THAT KEEPS DOG BUSY – The sticks are huge pieces of 6-8 inches in length and 1-2 inches in width which is sufficient to keep the dogs busy for hours enjoying the treat.

✓YOUR PIECE OF MIND – This is highly nutritious product for the dogs that can provide many hours of chew time for your dog. Since the sticks are odorless you are not getting disturbed while the dog is busy chewing the sticks. Since the chews are made out of natural ingredients they are absolutely safe to be used both indoors and out.


Customer Reviews

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Anna Harvey
Favorite for Jock

Jock loves his new Yak chew! He will chew on it several times throughout the day.
This is the best dog chew I have ever bought for precious little buddy.

Kathy Allen
Long lasting & Cooper APPROVED these!

Best chew ever especially gor Super Chewer Cooper who can devour a large
Billy Stick in minutes! One lasted him several hours. He got mad when I had to take it away to save for another day 😂😂

Great for Beignet!

Best Beignet Friend is the oldest of our pack and can't go on the longer walks anymore. We give her one of these and she is SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! I've tried these treats too and they last a really really long time! I pup recommend.

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