Krill Oil Hip & Joint Support for Cats & Dogs

Improved joint mobility, flexibility & comfort

Now your pet can experience improved joint mobility, flexibility and comfort. Our joint support formula was developed for both the active pets that may have developed osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, and to provide geriatric wellness into your pet's golden years.

  • Daily Administration

  • Low allergen formula

  • For Dogs & Cats

  • Savory Flavor

  • Vet Recommended

  • Made & Shipped in US

  • Helps improve movement helping your pet feel young again

  • Aids in protecting joints with collagen and elastin

  • Promotes in healthy immune system

  • Reduces and prevents inflammation - Savory flavor

Krill Oil Joint Formula contains krill oil from 100% Pure Antarctic Krill, tiny crustaceans that thrive in frigid waters of the Antartic Ocean. Krill Oil Joint formula is a synergistic combination of Krill Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and other benefical ingredients that help ensure your pet's optimal joint health. Designed to provide short and long term mobility, flexibility and function. Krill Oil Joint Formula also contains the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin.

Happy & Healthy Pups

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  • Young Again

  • No Limping

  • No Stiff Joints

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