Why Use Joint Supplements for Dogs?

Why Use Joint Supplements For Dogs?

Joints are a crucial part of the skeletal systems of dogs, and they help dogs run, walk and even leap. Unfortunately, they take a lot of wear and tear. It forces many pet owners to try joint supplements, but the question is, are they safe for dogs? Is it a good practice to add glucosamine to your dog’s diet? Keep reading this post if you want to know the answer.

Are Joint Supplements Safe for Dogs?

Yes, they’re, but all the ingredients in joint supplements are not safe for dogs. Therefore, it’s essential to be familiar with the ingredient list before using any joint supplement. Moreover, you should consult a vet before trying any joint supplement. So, you can consider giving joint supplements to dogs when your dog experiences joint or arthritis issues.

When dogs get older, fluids protecting their bones start to break down and result in inflammation, pain, and irritation. Some common symptoms for hip and joint problems in dogs are:

  • Swollen joints
  • Limping favoring a leg
  • An audible cracking in the hip
  • Struggling to sit down or stand up
  • Difficulty in trying to jump into the car

In most dogs, these symptoms might be because of aging, but you can’t ignore them.

Common Uses of Joint Supplements 

Pet owners often ask why they should use joint supplements for dogs. There are plenty of reasons, such as:

  • Help fix joint problems in older dogs
  • Help reduce joint pain and progression of arthritis
  • When pets suffer from joint injuries, vets recommend joint supplements for quick healing
  • You can use them for working dogs for keeping their joints healthy

What Ingredients Are Present in Joint Supplements And How They Help Recover from Joint Issues?

The following ingredients are present in almost all joint supplements, and they’re crucial for maintaining the health and resiliency of joints.

  • Glucosamine

It’s a crucial ingredient that maintains synovial fluid which is crucial for lubricating joints.  

  • Chondroitin

When it’s combined with glucosamine, it helps promote cartilage development. Both these ingredients might not be able to reverse arthritis, but they can still help maintain other joints healthy.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

They’re known for their anti-inflammatory properties, and they’re crucial for a dog’s healthy joints and strong muscles.

How to Choose Joint Supplements for Dogs?

The best approach is to talk to your vet to know about supplement needs for your dog. Moreover, keep an eye on the dosage to avoid issues like weight gain.

  • Look for trusted brands
  • Read labels and ensure that it’s a quality product
  • Ensure that the company has quality and safety checks in place
  • Finally, consult your vet to get recommendations for the best products

The best Joint Supplement for Dogs is Ultra Complete Soft Chews because it contains ingredients like glucosamine, Chondroitin & a multi-vitamin. Or try our Krill Oil Joint Formula which helps with shedding and contains a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin. 

So, get joint supplements today and ensure that your dog enjoys healthy joints and get relief from arthritis, DJD, hip dysplasia and other joint diseases.

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    It did catch my attention when you said that to reduce joint pains and the progress of arthritis, joint supplements must be considered for dogs. This makes me think of how susceptible my brother’s three Labradors are from suffering from hip and joint problems in the future. I will ask him to consider shopping for chewable hip and joint supplements. http://thedogchemist.com/pages/hip-joint-chews

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